Training is a passion here at The Multimedia Box as the IT landscape is forever changing. Having noticed this early on when IT was but in it's infancy, it has now become a great asset in any organization.


This is why we offer technical IT training at reputable and well established collages and organizations right here in Newcastle. Classes run on student demand and we like to keep classes small to about 8-10 students per class.


Who Will Benefit from these courses:

Aimed at private individuals that have a passion and willingness for entry level studies in the computer industry. As this is a very sought after field of expertise and is in great demand the world over, there is always room for advancement and a wide open door for endless

possibilities. From these courses you can advance to engineering in the LAN and WAN fields that make you very sought after and will find it easy to get that dream job.

What you get:

Free entry level computer with every course. This will be used for the duration of the course, so that students get to know their own system, leading to building confidence and know how. (Does not incl. software) Demo software will be used for the duration of the course as many different versions of software will be used during the course to give students maximum exposure and hands-on training to all operating systems.

Certified CompTIA training manuals for each course. A+ and N+.

Internationally accredited and recognized.

Object driven training to ensure that all course-ware is covered and prepped for the exams.

Hands-on training - building systems, working physically with the various components

to get maximum exposure and confidence.

Studying of all components in and around the systems and learning how they all fit 


Training from a qualified lecturer with years of teaching and on-the-job experience.

Training that is relevant to getting qualified and learning to apply what is learned from the manuals to actual application in the work place and job environment.

Lots of in-class test are done to ensure that students are up to scratch before they attempt the international exams.

International exam fees are not included in the course fees. This is dependent on the Rand/Dollar exchange rate and date of booking.

Exams are written online in a live environment and results are processed immediately.

Why wait?

Enrol now as classes are kept small 8-10 student per course for maximum attention.

Courses are offered on a part-time basis as the work can be quite intense and the students will have enough time to recap what they have learned the previous day.