All service offered is done professionally by the owner and his team. We have grown from  a company that only used to deal with the business and corporate environment with many small, medium and large companies as references. 

We offer servicing and support in the greater IT sector to all computer equipment including

but not limited to front end systems like computers, laptops, printers and more, but   

also to Servers, Domains and Networks.

Sales of all above mentioned equipment and infrastructure with full warranties..

We also offer training in the IT technical field on a full or part-time basis depending 

on student demands through reputable and reliable international certification.

Have a look at all the services that we offer and even more than what can be listed here.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you are unsure of any of our services. We will gladly accommodate if possible:)

The Multimedia Box Newcastle
Sales of all computer equipment including hardware, software, networking, printers etc.
We also offer call-out services to your premises from individuals to businesses and corporations. All welcome. 
Cheapest in town!

We repair laptops, computers, servers, networks incl. standard UTP cabling and Fiber.

Also offered are loan systems (when available) while your system is being repaired. We strive to offer a 24 hour turn around time on repairs.


Everything computer and multimedia related. Custom systems designed and built to your requirements. Standard office systems to servers and office automation. Home users and Gamer's also welcome. If unsure, please give us a call.


All legal software so you can be safe and secure. OS Upgrading, Formatting, Backups, Updates, Service Packs, Data Recovery, Partition Recovery, Data Migration (P2P), Virtualization, Virus Removal + more.


Sales, Support, Troubleshooting, Backups, Networking, Internet access, Data Sharing, User access rights, Application support and general maintenance. 


Installations, Expansions, Fault finding, IP Addressing, Internet, Email hosting, Domain Hosting, Hubs, Switches, Routers etc.